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Oh Bob, I 8767 m so sorry to hear about Fred. There 8767 s no cure except time. Give him lots of hugs today, and take some photos. You 8767 ll be glad you have them later. All the best to you and your family.

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John, I have been wondering about the accident question, too. I couldn 8767 t find any research on this in pets, but I didn 8767 t do a very extensive search. But I 8767 d guess that whatever researchers have found about differences in grief after a > human< accident versus after a > human< chronic illness would apply to pets as well.

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Our previous dog was a Yorkie. When that dog had to be euthanized, we immediately got Waldo — the very same day. That action of getting Waldo spared us protracted grief over the loss of our prior dog. I strongly recommend pet owners do the same when their pets pass on. Doing so provides a means of transferring your emotional needs to another pet — and thus diminishes your emotional pain.

Reading these comments might have saved me from a really bad depression. I lost my dog on Sunday and I can 8767 t even write about it because I feel extremely empty, helpless and like I could die of sadness. It was a tragic accident and I was there. The horrible images haunt me everyday and I can almost feel sick every time they come to my mind. Today, I feel better and a bit more hopeful. Work is helping but it 8767 s just hard, way too hard to even acknowledge that I 8767 ve lost my only child, my best friend, the source of my encouragement and happiness.
I hope one day I 8767 ll stop blaming myself and find a more peaceful approach to this loss.
I send my condolences and best wishes to all people out there struggling with the loss of their pets.

I wrote a response comment about the loss of my own dog and the puppy that came after, but it was too long for comments so I dropped it into my own (only occasionally used) blog site.

Unconditional Love is the answer thats what my two dogs give me, my jacky got hit by the neighbors car and got killed I loved her so much thanks for the artical I was sad for a long time but I know she is in heaven. I am looking for a white terrier westy mix couldnt make it with out my am looking for anouther just like jacky. I know there will never be one like her however the love will be the same. I still have stella.

Virginia, this was the most helpful article on pet loss that I 8767 ve read and feel very lucky that I found it shortly after I lost my sweet Freddi. I 8767 ve read it a few times and it has been incredibly comforting to me. So, thank you. As many of the reader comments were helpful to me as well, I 8767 d like to add some thoughts about my experience that could possibly help others dealing with such a difficult loss.

Dear Sneha, I wish there was something I could tell you that would help. Virginia 8767 s article says that it takes most people about six months to get over the worst part of the grief. My dog died 8 months ago. I still cry, not every day now, but probably most. I do miss him every day. I also thought he was the most wonderful being on earth. I love to hear everyone 8767 s stories because it tells me that many dogs have the ability to make us feel that way about them. I 8767 ll have more dogs and love them all.

Balius was my first dog, but was my husbands 8rd Ridgeback. I fell in love with the excited puppy he was and the gently living giant he had grown into.

8776 A characteristic of hides, skins and leathers is that if they are gradually heated in water, they reach a temperature at which they are subject to sudden, irreversible shrinkage. Raw hides or skins shrink very easily at temperatures of about 65ºC, whereas chrome tanning, for example, increases the point at which shrinkage occurs to temperatures up to a maximum of around 675ºC. 8776

About 7 months ago I felt Ruby give approval for us to look for a puppy. Don 8767 t ask me how I know this. There was just a peace about it one of the many times my husband suggested we do it. I struggled with many of the emotions so well described by the comments here. Could I be fair to a new puppy and not expect her to be another Ruby? Was I in tact enough to give the puppy what she will need? The questions tumbled around in my head. When I finally let myself look for puppies I found one immediately. Then my husband said he thought we should get two from this litter. Ruby 8767 s companion Tess is 67 and his rationale was that having two puppies would make it easier on all of us when Tess 8767 s life comes to an end a thought I can 8767 t even entertain at this moment.

Not only too small, but anything swallowed whole is potentially very dangerous and possibly fatal. Regardless of what the actual ingredients are any chew like this should be given while the dog is being supervised otherwise the dog might be at risk for choking while the owner is away. Still very very sad

They are also offering a completely different timeline of events than the owner seems to have provided you, which other comments have cited, .. 95 minute delay getting to the vet, dog died 65 hours later probably from anesthesia and stress, etc.

I 8767 ve changed my ways a little I cannot now
Run with you in the evenings along the shore,
Except in a kind of dream and you, if you dream a moment,
You see me there.

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