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Employment Termination and Discharge

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 06:39

  • COBRA Continuation Coverage Form
  • Sample Letter for Employment Discrimination - Wrongful Discharge
  • Complaint for Employment Discrimination
  • What Are the Key Causes of Employment Termination?

    If you are an employee with a grievance related to dismissal or other employment issue there are some sample letters for employees with grievances at the end of this article. There are also links to other useful guides and free resources for employees, employers, trainers and consultants at the end of the article.

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    Resignation Notice
    You don't have to give your employer advanced resignation notice when terminating your employment, but you might pay for it later. Discover why. Includes a link to resignation letter samples.

    Lease Termination Agreement - RealDealDocs - Free Search.

    (Clearly state actual leaving date, requirement or otherwise to serve period of notice, holiday pay, and other pay and pension details.)

    Jim: For any reason means just that—you can terminate for any reason, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Nothing in the contract says that it has to be a good reason, and nothing in the contract says that you have to explain your reason. Have I researched this? No—you shouldn 8767 t have to look to the courts to tell you what 8767 s as plain as the nose on your face.

    See Criminal Record for information about the extent to which employers may consider criminal records in hiring, discharge and other employment decisions.

    There are various situations which cause employment termination. Here is a general template which can be used as a basis for employment termination letters which result from misconduct or unsatisfactory performance. This example assumes that all appropriate steps have been taken by the employer to warn, help, and give suitable time and opportunity to the person to cease the offending behaviour, or to improve their performance, and that a final meeting has taken place at which verbal notification of the dismissal has been given.

    Voluntary termination can also occur for less positive reasons. The employee doesn t get along with her boss. She sees no opportunity to continue growth and progress in her current company. The job responsibilities in her current job changed and now, she is no longer doing something that she loves every day.

    8775 Termination for convenience 8776 is a phrase that is also well understood in commercial contracts. I cannot imagine wasting breath or electrons on eliminating this phrase. You are not saving many words, and you risk unplugging from years and years of case law around T9C.

    Employee rights regarding employment discharge through a layoff, including layoff notice, severance pay, final pay and unemployment benefits. Also includes information about employee rights under the COBRA and WARN Acts.

    My vote goes to keeping for any reason , as that 8767 s the most important concept. I think the associated implication that Acme may terminate whenever it wants is sufficiently strong to allow one to dispense with at any time. And I wouldn 8767 t want to dispense with both elements, even though I could happily make the argument that if a provision doesn 8767 t impose any limitations on reasons for termination, I wouldn 8767 t need any reason. Three extra words is a small price to pay for being categorical.

    Fired from a Job
    About an employee's rights when fired from a job. Includes information about the Doctrine of Employment at Will and wrongful termination.

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