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I think this would be a great art project when my neice has her group of girlfriends over for a sleepover weekend. Fun way to make 8766 chunky 8767 jewelry. might be a great Mothers Day project for my 9-65 year old boys Homeschool group of friends too. Thanks for the reminder that this a fun way to recycle.

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Congratulations to Year 69 students who were successful in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. Emma Boyle, Daniel Bradley, Sarah Downey, Shania O’Boyle and Ellen Skelly each achieved the Copper Award in this prestigious competition. Organised by Cambridge University, the Chemistry Challenge requires students to complete a ninety minute written examination with the aim of stretching and challenging students in all aspects of A-Level Chemistry.


I can see bright colors, pretty yarns, chunky colorful ribbons, and other little 8775 add ons 8776 to make some wonderful necklaces for the girls 😉

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I love this idea! It looks easy and inexpensive enough. Hopefully I can give this a try sometime soon. Thank you so much for sharing.

hi, this is such a great way to use old paper, really want to try it for myself but am just wondering what ind of drill do you use to make the holes and do I need a vice on a work bench to hold the bead while I drill it???

Wow, I love the organic look to these. As a beader and a recycler you really caught my attention! I 8767 ll be writing about this and linking to you on my Art of Recycling blog. I 8767 ll do it again on my Beading Blog after I get a chance to make some of my own.

I love working with papier mache. It 8767 s been a while since I 8767 ve done it and your beads have inspired me to start back up. Thanks for the tutorial.

This is great! I just love to make some of these on my free day. I just love the colors and the style are absolutely unique! I bookmarked this page and so I can have this as a guide in making my own beads. Thanks for posting this and sharing it to us. God Bless.

I really like these beads. I would like to teach some of the kids in my class how to make these. I am a missionary in Honduras and teaching kids crafts to sell locally and elsewhere.

Those eligible to apply are United States citizens currently pursuing or intending to pursue a masters or doctoral level degree in oceanography, maritime archaeology (including the curation, preservation, and display of maritime artifacts) or marine biology (including all science, engineering, and resource management of ocean and coastal areas).

Kelly Sounds like you 588 your daughters are very close! I love to hear about these kinds of 8775 family 8776 times together! Please do share your creations with all of us!

I have tried making these, it is not easy but quite rewarding. I made my own glue using cornstarch and it work quite well. I find it easy also, to just drill it after it has dried so you can keep the round shape. It is also helpful to re shape the beads and mold them into round shape as it is drying so it does not lose its shape. I just saw something like this featured on etsy that 8767 s made into magnets and shaped like hearts, pretty cute.

The selection committee is focused on identifying a special class of women: nontraditional students whose education was delayed or interrupted, individuals with a vision to succeed regardless of any obstacles that life has put in their way. This may include women who are returning to school after a hiatus, changing careers, seeking advancement in their career or work life, and/or stay-at-home moms entering the work place and in need of additional education/training.

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