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Color accuracy is an important but ambiguous image quality factor. It can be critical in medical and technical photography, but less so in pictorial (consumer) photography, where many viewers prefer enhanced color saturation, particularly in 8775 memory colors 8776 : foliage, sky, and skin. Accurate color is not the same as 8775 pleasing 8776 color.

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But instead of disputing the potential of combining the two, I 8767 d rather dispute the supposed demand for the combination. I don 8767 t think there is very much. We have an option for people who want to point and click their way to a unique design, and it 8767 s separate from the main framework. We believe this is the undeniably the most practical solution, for a myriad of reasons. But Prose is not our best selling theme.

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I 8767 m not really seeing the connection between our members asking repeat questions, or resurrecting threads with unrelated problems and the number of forum moderators we have, or the frequency of visits by Chris. People who are inclined to do those types of 8775 inefficient 8776 things aren 8767 t going to stop doing them just because we have more mods sitting on the other side waiting and watching for them to do it.

This article compares Thesis with Genesis Genesis is today at so my question is: how is the situation now?
I 8767 m asking this because I 8767 m looking to buy a new premium theme for my future blog and I would like to know which one is better in terms of speed and SEO?
I can see this article is about Thesis and Genesis but how do these two top WP themes compare with Headway and Builder , the 8775 new kids on the block 8776 ? Your expert opinion would be much appreciated.

Purchasing a home for your college student to live in during their enrollment at the University of Arizona can be a smart move to make. On-campus student housing is always in short supply and rentals near the university can get pricey. Why pay rent to a landlord for 9+ years? After your student is done with school, the home can become a great investment property.

Some of you may have noticed that it 8767 s been well over a year since my last post. There 8767 s a very good reason for that, besides selling lots of apartment buildings.

The easiest way to get BP and Thesis working together is to install BP Template Pack, and edit the templates to conform to the Thesis header and HTML structure.

However, at this point, I am seriously considering a switch. The main reason being what Gautam Doddamani was referring to regarding non-native WordPress structure. This is evident in the fact that BuddyPress and bbPress do not play nicely with it.

My one major complaint here is that Thesis is still sticking to this archaic post image system. I really like the new wp post thumbnail system, and I 8767 d at least like to have a simple option to use that instead rather than writing the code and inserting the image myself. If there were some way to migrate images from the legacy system to the new wp system that would be extremely sick!

Genesis certainly has some serious chops when it comes to site-wide SEO options. You have a ridiculous amount of control over what goes in the head of your HTML document, and you can control what portion of your homepage is wrapped in an h6 tag which has some serious SEO implications! You 8767 ll also find some standard features here like robot meta control (noindex and nofollow archive pages if you please) as well as canonical URL control.

Both frameworks do the heavy development lifting using hooks, filters, and CSS style sheets. The way they go about it is slightly different (okay, almost completely different), if you can learn to use hooks in Thesis, you can definitely learn to use them in Genesis. Thus, in terms of learning curve, the differentiating factor definitely lays with options panels.

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