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The project made fun out of what can be a pretty hum-drum activity. Even better, the bulletin board served as a menu for students who were ravenous for a good read. All they had to do was grab a sandwich to learn whether a particular book might satisfy their appetites!

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Below is a free reading sticker chart that you can download from Unique Teaching Resources.

Click on the link below the picture to go to the page where you can find more information about this free teaching resource.

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Theme Report. Challenge each student to select a concept or a thing from the book just finished and to use library or Internet resources to explore it further. The student then writes a two-page report that shares information about the topic.

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Since my book reports are large and colorful, and I provide a free display banner for you to use on your bulletin board, it is easy to make a brilliant bulletin board display of your students' work!

It really is that simple and most importantly, it works!

My students are excited to read books independently
and complete their fun reading projects!

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Before-and-After Book Reports
Students write a brief report about what they think a book will be about -- based on the book's cover -- before they actually read it. After reading the book, students write a brief explanation of the book as it actually is. For additional details that flesh out this book report idea, see The Psychic Book Report.

All of my students are given an individual reading file. Inside their reading files are: their book, reading sticker chart, book mark, and their first draft worksheets for their book projects. Students proofread and edit their first drafts on their own, with a partner, or with me before they begin on their final draft templates.

In the News. Each student creates the front page of a newspaper that tells about events and characters in a book just read. The newspaper page might include weather reports, an editorial or editorial cartoon, ads, etc. The title of the newspaper should be something appropriate to the book.

There is an actual curriculum that you can by called 8775 Five In A Row 8776 that plans all those things for you. Like Crafts, Art, Language, Math. It is really neat they have it for all ages. Just thought I would throw that out there to your readers. đŸ™‚

Share a Book Report.
Students share book reports with students in the same grade in a neighboring school or school district. Pair up with another class in the community and encourage students to share book reports throughout the year. Plan to have students read some of the same books and some different ones. It would be nice if one or two of the book reports students shared during the course of the year were video book reports -- so students could get to know one another better. Better yet, arrange for a meeting of the students for the purpose of book sharing either as a culminating event at the end of the year, or both at the start and end of the school year.

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