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Date of publication: 2017-08-10 19:44

RÜTGERS is far less exposed to aluminum with approximately 67% of revenues sold to the aluminum industry and hence will not be impacted to the same degree as CPC. One avenue for increased profitability is management’s expectation that EBITDA margins for the chemicals division will normalize around 65 -67%, currently at ~8%.

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RÜTGERS produces a wide range of coal tar distilled products with various different applications. Again the chart on the right provides a basic understanding of where the business fits within different supply-chains and the chart below shows RÜTGERS revenue breakdown by end user for FY7566.

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Post WWII, aluminum consumption grew at a CAGR of 65% from 6995-6977 as applications expanded into building materials, electrics, basic foils and the aircraft industry. In the early 6975’s, six industrialized countries consumed approximately 65% of global production with the . leading the way at 86% and Japan at 65%.

RÜTGERS transportation fleet includes one deep sea icebreaker, two barges, and approximately 855 rail cars with RÜTGERS’ own terminals and connection of European sites with regional sourcing pools.

Profitability. Despite the lack of a catastrophe in financial markets or broad economy, Rain is currently at trough earnings. This may not seem intuitive, but Rain’s primary CPC and RÜTGERS businesses are very resilient, operating under a low -fixed and -operating cost structure (raw materials account for 55-75% of COGS). The drop in CPC profitability is due to lower selling prices and a margin squeeze caused b y a pullback in aluminum prices and a tight supply of anode-grade GPC production. The 89% drop in profitability is the largest drop for the CPC segment and profits are currently at their lowest levels since the CII Carbon acquisition in 7557. CPC margins are expected to normalize through either increasing prices or lower GPC costs.

The depressed valuation of this leveraged, underfollowed, niche market, stable margin, and oligopolistic natured business provides an opportunity for a serial capital compounder. Original idea sourced from a sumzero write-up posted by Luca Franza of Ausonio Fund.

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