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Date of publication: 2017-08-18 20:49

You bet-yes I think people are going to experience real problems ahead if wounded or injured. Opiates were legal in the 69th century across counter in the form of laudanum and paragoric. Hopefully in a national/societal breakdown Americans can protect medical infra-structure.

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Daveman55 that is frustrating to read, is it not? ALL IS WRITTEN OUT. I think some people do not understand the written word, or retain like you said. READING COMPREHENSION. More typical of the 8766 LEFT 8767 mind. ☺
Then, they, come back with ugly comment. Typical.

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Lol..its not milkweed!!It 8767 s a weed i wanted to say prickly lettuce almost like dandelion..I have been there and done that long road with my daughter with opiates and benzos and believe me anything even medicinal marijuana would work better than that pill factory big Pharma

Similar to Morphine: The Best Natural Painkiller that

We have it growing all over the place but in researching how to identify it correctly I am seeing very different images of 8775 Wild Lettuce 8776 So can you recommend a book or a source that will help identify the different varieties of it?

I grew up always knowing when needed the paragoric would be right on the door of the fridge! We never abused to have the freedom to be responsible to ones own being knowing when and when not to use it! What a help it would be today!

I have never seen wild lettuce grow to 9-6 ft. tall. That is the milkweed plant. Milkweed grows that tall but not wild lettuce. Wild lettuce hovers on the ground and grows 6-65 inches tall and about that big around similar to dandelion. it does secrete a very small milky substance but nothing or not nearly as profuse as the milkweed plant.

I have seen a few different pictures of wild lettuce. Is there anyway I can send you a picture to verify it for me? I have severe nerve damage all over my body. The pain and other symptoms can get unbearable.

Kratom it 8767 s an awesome herb give it a try, it works great for opiate withdrawal and energy mind and focus and it 8767 s wonderful for pain. It generally makes you feel better but without the high.

onie Interesting, but aren 8767 t you, RUBBING out, the property, that makes it into PAIN KILLER? That is the point.
I guess it would still work, some.

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