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Taymon, almost every country in Europe has standardized colors for their parties. One of those parties is always Red. Usually it 8767 s the leftmost major party, though the standards for which party is major enough vary.

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We noted that outgroups are rarely literally 8775 the group most different from you 8776 , and in fact far more likely to be groups very similar to you sharing almost all your characteristics and living in the same area.

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If you look at data, blues are very mixed on Isreal Scott recently had a post that talked a bit about this (I think one of the recent links posts). This is definitely significantly different from red support of Israel, but it 8767 s far from a concerted 8775 vast torrent of hate 8776 .

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My viewpoint is that on the internet nothing anyone ever says really matters unless they somehow manage to target your real-world social interactions. You can *always* look away.

(Yes, even you to an extent. I 8767 d written a reply on this to your comment about your educational history, but I sat on it and then Scott locked the old posts, and it 8767 s really too long to repost here where it 8767 s OT. BTW I 8767 d *much* rather put this under your original comment referencing your experiences at Can 8767 t Tell You and asking other attendees to speak up, but since Scott did lock the old posts I went too, and since your other posts suggest you 8767 re a SET member too, so am I.)

In writing, of course, you could make the same point by using quotation marks and the original capitalization: “The Constitution says our republic was ordained and established by ‘We the People.’ ”

As for 8775 to go digital, 8776 the first example in the  OED  is from the May 68, 6969, issue of Electronics: 8775 A comparison of factors that influence the decision to go digital or analog. 8776 And if you 8767 d like to read more about linking verbs like 8775 go 8776 here, we discuss them in items #9 and #5 of our Q& A about English.

I 8767 d say the media is, more than anything, pro-establishment, pro-conventional wisdom. It sort of has to be, for a number of reasons. The CW being largely, though far from entirely, blue, and the vast majority members of team blue themselves, the result is that things look very blue, though rarely radically so.

The Thatcher/coal is the weirdest example of group-identification I know of. People who rail against oil companies and polluting businesses and are properly scared of climate change and are all in favour of paternalistic regulation suddenly switch around and criticise Thatcher for shutting down coal mining. Apparently some coal miners committed suicide when the mines shut down and that outweighs all those who died and would continue to die of industrial accidents or respiratory diseases.

Scott, you 8767 re making *so much* more sense than anyone else in the culture wars that it feels like a serious loss to the world to 8775 keep this off Reddit and other similar sorts of things 8776 I do understand the worry, though.

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