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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 08:49

hey sir can you help me to make a conceptual framework my topic is about LEVEL OF EFFFECTIVENESS OF ONLINE AND TRADITIONAL BOOKING METHOD AS PERCEIVED BY THE TOURISTS

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Hi, can you highlight what is the conceptual framework for the following question.
The Jordanian Public Schol curriculum analysis of the English as a foreign language: The case of secondary 67 curriculum

Conceptual Framework: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make One

hi sir can you help me about our conceptual framework. ?
our title is 8775 Dependency on alcoholic beverages among Hotel and Restaurant Management students in the University of Mindanao 8776 🙂 hope you could help me 🙂

Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Systems: A Conceptual

I am also busy with my research and my topic is: the role of a freight forwarder in international trade and logistics in Namibia.
What would be my conceptual framework please?

Dear Bilqees, you may refer to my previous article in another site: https://college-college-/what-is-the-difference-between-the-theoretical-framework-and-the-conceptual-framework/

This study zeroes in on the professional development activities for teachers by espousing the idea that the classroom performance of teachers is a critical factor for student academic performance. The researcher based her assumption from Weiner’s Attribution Theory that external and internal factors can improve performance.

Good day, I read your article with keen interest and is of help to me. Please sir I need your assistant. My research topic is 8775 Analysis and the impact of foreign made goods on Nigeria market 8776 . Please what will be my 8775 Conceptua Issues 8776 . Expecting to hear from you. Thanks.

Dear Gel Paza.
The first step is to understand what variables is to identify which one affects the will enable you Identify the dependent and independent for example level of income and level of domestic the variables are level of INCOME and Level of an increase in level of income results in to an increase in expenses,then level of expenses depends on level of income and level of expenses will thus be Dependent of income will be the independent variable.

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Great piece of am looking into the health related quality of life of patients living with is already a model on quality of fits so well with my I just take it n explain it as my conceptual framework?is my dependent variable quality of life?n independent patients wish ostomy?thanks in advance

Dear Haroun, I have posted an earlier article describing the independent and independent variables. You may refer to it here: http:///7567/65/77/what-are-examples-of-variables-in-research/

What will be my conceptual and theoretical framework if my thesis is lifestyles as risk of breast cancer with the variables being alcohol, tobacco smoking, excess weight , non physical activity

Dear gee fox, I suggest you specify which type of pressure causes structure damage. For example, would you like to study the resistance of buildings to earthquakes? Go down further and narrow down your variables for you to develop your conceptual framework. See this example: http:///doi/abs//

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