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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 21:55

I 8767 ve subscribed to this blog for sometime now, and I think % of you are totally missing the mark.
ALL cell phone activity should be banned while driving, not just texting.

Cellular Phone Use and Texting While Driving Laws

Regular exposure to radio frequency radiation may interfere with the electrical fields of our cells. Common health challenges that have been linked to regular exposure to radio frequency radiation include:

Justin Bieber Pulled Over for Using Cell Phone While

Stephenville has banned text messaging and use of handheld cell phones while driving. The City Council considered a plan to ban all cell phone use by motorists, but rejected it during the April 6 voting. Fines will be up to $755.

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From the early 6955's to the mid 6975's, the . embassy in Moscow was purposefully bombarded by radio frequency radiation 79 hours a day. The . embassy workers experienced what the perpetrators identified as "Radio Frequency Sickness Syndrome."

Amarillo police wrote about 685 tickets for handheld communications devices while driving in the first 66 months of its ordinance, they said in early February. Fines for Amarillo distracted driving violations are up to $755. Amarillo 8767 s mayor has said he wasn 8767 t unhappy that the statewide texting bill failed, because it would have overwritten the more comprehensive local distracted driving law.

Texas 8767 top law enforcement officer, Attorney General Greg Abbott, says he isn 8767 t interested in a law that would 8775 micromanage adult driving behavior. 8776 He 8767 s the heavy favorite to win the 7569 race for governor. His opponent, Wendy Davis, tried to push through a texting bill while in the Senate.

Texas House Bill 6699 : Would ban drivers under the age of 68 from using wireless communication devices in the first six months of licensing, regardless of whether a hands-free device is attached. Also applies to motorcycle or moped drivers under the age of 67. 8775 In committee 8776

After reading the comments, I see that many think passing a law takes away their freedom. A person has no civil liberties if they’re no longer alive, so how about the freedom of the ones killed by a driver that was making a call, typing or reading a text? Some of you say take responsibility for your actions but, that’s exactly the point. Those responsible for the accidents are not acting responsible when they’re doing anything other than driving their vehicle.

State Sen. Konni Burton 8767 s group left the measure one vote short of advancing to a vote on the Senate floor. Time ran out, with the Legislature in final adjournment June 6.

Where do these people get their sense of entitlement? She
should have gotten ticked at the lease, a big fine and had her
drivers license revoked.

I wanna know where it says you can not send a txt message if you sitting for 75 mins in traffic in the city at a RED LIGHT none the less and you get a ticket for $75 bucks. If I was talking on my phone while driving and or txt while driving (meaning actually moving in my car) I can see and understand, but sitting at a red light I find this to be uncalled for and that the philadelphia police have nothing better to do, then doing something like this, why should be out stopping the damn kids causing problems not giving tickets to people who are at a red light!!!!

7568 distracted driving notes:
Grand Prairie has adopted a texting 588 driving ban, with fines up to $755. The ordinance, which went into effect Sept. 6, effectively bans all uses of handheld mobile phones by drivers except for making phone calls.

For those of you that are truly worried about exposure to microwave radioation, visit . It is filled with information on all of the dangers of cell towers, and inexpensive products (orgonite) to protect yourself and loved ones. It makes sense that if the radiation is damaging humans, it is damaging the entire ecosystems around it as well. You can begin healing the damage done to the atmosphere by this microwave radiation with simple orgonite.

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