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Date of publication: 2017-08-04 05:38

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Dr Al Waters has extensive experience in a wide range of roles in education and exam boards, including Head of Biology, an advisor for National Bodies and Trusts and a marker/moderator for AQA. As part of this he has marked the synoptic paper for both AQA and Edexcel. He is also the Founder and Chief Executive of Tranquillitas Ltd, a company that specialises in the use of modern media in education.

Aqa Biology Synoptic Essay Help

Biology forms part of AQA's flexible suite of GCSE Science exams which offer teachers a variety of possibilities and combinations to help students achieve to the best of their abilities.

Unit 5 Control in Cells & Organisms Synoptic essay

The specification is based on a series of topics related to the living world and relevant to students. It is designed to help them understand how Science can be used to explain the world in which they live and the impact humans have.

Although this year will undoubtabely be the most stressful year of your school life with so many things going on at the same time it will definitely be one of the best. Make the most of this and remember: work hard, play hard.

-POSTERS - posters are your best friend. Create large and colourful posters with only key information and diagrams. I find diagrams superb because they help me visualise information. So for example in biology I drew diagrams for all the cycles (Krebs, Calvin), this helped me remember them. This also helps condense key information and helps you understand key topics better. Stick them up in your study, your room or even around your house (if your parents don't mind) and try to read them every time you walk past them. It worked wonders for me.

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