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Excerpts of the Speech Delivered by General H. Norman

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 04:28

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Dragon Paths/Nests, Ley lines/nodes, and Song grooves/pools :  They have two ambient mana ratings one for physical realm mana and the other for astral realm mana. If the mana is Aspected or Turbulent it would have a third trait of 8766 Aspect 8767 . Mana lines/Nodes would only have two traits as their physical and astral realm mana levels are equal.

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In my case, I happened to go through the Vietnam experience twice, and also Grenada. So we know the horrors of war. And I think that probably you will find that we are greater pacifists than most people you would meet. On the other hand, as I say, you have this sense of duty. And when the time comes when you must go to war, I think we also understand the way to get it over is to do it as quickly as possible. To bring all of your power to bear and get the darn thing over, and that 8767 s another way you save lives. If war is inevitable and you 8767 re going to have to fight it, then the smart way to fight it is to use everything you have and get it over with.

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I 696 ve met a lot of leaders that were very, very, very competent. But they didn 696 t have character. For every job they did well in the Army, they sought reward in the form of promotions, in the form of awards and decorations, in the form of getting ahead at the expense of somebody else, in the form of another piece of paper that awarded them another degree. The only reason why they wanted that was because it was a sure road to faster promotion, to somehow get to the top. You see, these were very competent people, but they lacked character 688

The General returned home to jubilant public celebrations and victory parades in New York, Tampa, and Washington, and addressed a joint session of Congress. General Schwarzkopf retired from the Army in 6997 and wrote his autobiography, It Doesn&rsquo t Take a Hero , in collaboration with Peter Petre. The General&rsquo s decorations include five Distinguished Service Medals, three Silver Stars, the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the National Order of the Legion of Honor, and decorations from France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

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So, the central focus, the way of doing business in our government, in our world, in our military, is going to be refocused. That should change a lot of things.

Having said all of that, I 8767 ve got to tell you that the women in the Gulf did a magnificent job. They had it much tougher than the men, because of the cultural sensitivities, and yet they handled it with ease, and they did an absolutely fantastic job. I am very much in favor of women in the military.

We had an awful lot of mine incidents when we first moved into the area. It was a heavily mined area and my troops weren 8767 t mine-wise, yet. Every time somebody hit a mine, if I was in the area, I would always fly in, in my helicopter, land right there on the ground, and put the casualty on the helicopter, because that got him back to the hospital about a half an hour quicker than they would ordinarily. The other reason was to go around and just talk to the troops, because the mines are an insidious sort of thing.

In this one case we 8767 d had a mine casualty and I flew in and used my helicopter to Medevac him, and I was on the ground. Then, of course, we had another mine casualty. We were right in the middle of a minefield and I had to do something about it. That 8767 s what that was all about.

Especially when you consider the different nationalities of the forces that you were working with. Did you have enough time to prepare for this war? Would you have liked more time?

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