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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 10:40

Jessica, WONDERFUL! 8766 I know I have value and worth, regardless of what I accomplish in a day 8767 (hope I got that close enough). I really needed to hear this as a portion of my family believes that if you are not bringing home a huge paycheck, you have little worth/value/success. Matthew, the notion of having a 8775 God-sized hole 8776 , really resonated. As many, I take on too much I need to place God in the center more often! Blessings

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I have now begun my day focused on giving myself completely to God and doing his will for me. I am going to stop and pause throughout the day to day a quick prayer 8775 thy will be done, not my will 8776 to keep my focus on God and doing his will for me.

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Thank you so much for sharing about this. I went to the site and ordered the rosary CD and also their new one about Knowing Jesus. I am a convert and would like to start saying the rosary, so this will be a great help.

I also need to place God in the center of my To-Do list and still feel worth and accomplishment even if I don 8767 t because it 8767 s not about achieving things, it 8767 s about filling that hole that 8767 s in the center of my heart that only God can fill and that 8767 s what I haven 8767 t been doing. I need to place him right in the middle where he belongs!

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I definitely can relate to what Jessica is saying. My job is very fast paced, and I can never seem to remain caught up with the daily demands, especially paperwork. I need to step outside of this and realize that everything in life is temporary, including my job. But God is the most important part of my life, deserves to be front and center, and will be there forever.

Thank you Terry, I am in the same space, a recent widow and yes the loneliness sometimes seems unbearable. I find speaking to God and passing it to him helps unbelievably. God Bless!

I love the videos! My family made a promise to watch them together after dinner every day and so far even my three children have listened to them with great interest. We pray together using the suggested prayer for the day afterwards. This is such a great option for us considering it would be difficult to attend Lenten services with little children. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for the wonderful services you provide!! God Bless.