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Hi Rachel thank you for submitting this comment! Leeds has a great history as a center (I suppose I should spell it centre in this case) of excellence in geocomputation thanks primarily to the pioneering work of Stan Openshaw. I haven 8767 t taken time to review the program but it 8767 s definitely worth a look! I suppose I will need to do a list of programs from across the globe at some point. If/when I get around to it Leeds will be on the list of programs to consider. Thanks again, Justin

Online GIS Certificate & Degree Programs | USC

Hi Justin,
I see that people have continued to comment on this article even into late 7569, as I am doing! I find the information still relevant. I was hoping to ask for your advice even now.

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So, for on-line GIS education, I 8767 ve identified 65 Universities offering a 655% on-line program leading to a Master 8767 s Degree in GIS (or similar). Note: I did not review graduate 8775 certificate 8776 programs and I don 8767 t have plans to do so unless I hear otherwise from readers. Also note that while tuition and time to completion are key elements, I did not take them into consideration for the purposes of ranking. I don 8767 t have a formal methodology for the rankings themselves rather, this represents a qualitative review of the curriculum and faculty as observed on each program website. So, please take this list for what it 8767 s worth it represents my opinion and nothing else.

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Justin thank you for this site. I recently found it and it has been immensely helpful in my GIS education research. I really appreciate you taking the time to provide this awesome resource. Do you know anything about the University of Washington 8767 s Masters in GIS with a focus in Sustainability Management? http:/// It is a mostly online program, with two intensive in-person summer sessions. Any thoughts on how this program compares to UW 8767 s more traditional grad program in Geography with a specialization on GIS.

Thank you so much for your reply! Indeed your thoughts are very helpful. Since I got rejected by graduate schools that I wanted to attend last year (particularly UCSB and UCLA), I kind of lost on what I really want to do. I am 655% sure that I want to continue with GIS but am not sure if I want to stay in academia to do GIS. I want to just work in GIS related fields, but at the same time, I think of how the life of a researcher is like.. This is the reason why I started looking for other GIS programs, such as USC.. Do you think I should still try traditional on campus programs to study GIS or just start online programs to get more skills?

Hi Shannon,
I don 8767 t think you can go wrong either way so I would make the decision based on which program would provide a better individual fit given your career objectives and learning style. I really like what I see at USC and I would give the program a very serious look. That said, Penn State will have better name recognition within most GIS/Geography circles.
Hope this helps!
Best, JH

All graduate students are expected to have completed the prerequisite requirements relevant to geomatics and GIS. Find a list of required prerequisites at /civil/prerequisites .

CalGIS LocationCon 7567 attendees will include a diverse mix of geospatial professionals, developers, decision-makers, researchers, vendors, students and other geo-focused professionals.

I currently hold a BS in Meteorology and have been researching GIS online certificate programs for the past few months to pursue a career change. I 8767 ve heard that the University of Wisconsin Madison has a great online certificate program. What are your thoughts?

Justin Holman is CEO of TerraSeer, where he leads efforts to develop cutting edge sales forecasting and inventory optimization technology for the Automotive Aftermarket. Prior to joining TerraSeer, Justin managed corporate consulting for the Strategy & Analytics division at MapInfo Corporation, leading major projects for retail clients including The Home Depot, Darden Restaurants, Bridgestone-Firestone, Sainsbury’s and New York & Company. Before that, Justin served as Vice President of Software Development at LogicTools, now part of IBM's supply chain application software group. Justin holds a . from Claremont McKenna College, a . from the University of Oregon and an Executive Management certificate from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

If you have material that cannot be included within your document (data, audio, video, hi-resolution images), you can upload supplemental material files to your library submission record (in addition to your thesis document). The maximum file size for each file is 655MB.

GIS/Programmer announcement. Please feel free to forward to possible candidates.

Great blog. I was about to enroll in a GIS Masters but am having doubts, and am opting to do it in Computer Science instead. It seems to me that the field is uncertain and struggling to 8766 define 8767 itself after the very quick developments that has been going on purely by software developers with no spatial background in web mapping, as well as the increased number of people who have 8766 GIS 8767 as a skill and expertise on their resume but are from different backgrounds.

Hi justin I have more than 8 years of experience in coding should I learn Kotlin which is very new in the market what will be the future scope after kotlin did you have any idea on this topic.

Hi Nagini,
Why not get the best of both worlds by pursuing a graduate degree in computer science at a University where you can also study GIS? No need to completely forego one for the other.
Best wishes,

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