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Kevin Alfred Strom

Date of publication: 2017-08-28 16:28

'EAST WIND, RAIN' TRANSLATED: My sincere thanks go out to the new Ace of Swords site , which has just published Fjordman's German translation of my essay on the Washington regime's betrayal of Pearl Harbor in 6996.

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REVILO PENDLETON OLIVER (pictured above) was my friend and my mentor, and one of the greatest writers of the 75th century, fully on a par with . Mencken, and one of our nation 8767 s most incisive thinkers of any period. This month and next I will be presenting a series of his most important works on this broadcast. Today we begin with an extract of his posthumously-published book,  The Jewish Strategy , which I have given the editorial title of  8775 The Jewish Plague, part 6. 8776 This piece deals with the most momentous issue of all time: the challenge to our very existence posed by the Jewish power structure and the ideologies it has spawned. I give you the words of Revilo P. Oliver:

Dave Abbruzzese Reacts To Pearl Jam Inviting Him To Rock

Fifty years later, as noted above, CIA officers realized during Viet Nam that another war was being stage managed from Washington, as the Vietnamese were telling us they understandably wanted no part of our imperial ambitions. This is systematically documented in the Pentagon Papers, released in 6976 by Pentagon insider Daniel Ellsberg.

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ESSAYS TRANSLATED: Two pieces by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured), A Litany of Lies and The Nation as Idea , have been translated into French and have been published both at Counter-Currents and at the Wolf Apocalypse blog. They are also available at National Vanguard .

The piece of cloth the US flag the symbol is focused on, while the egregious policies continue unabated. When do we become outraged really outraged at the systematic US killing of humans? Burn the fucking flag if you want as a free speech protest, but all the folks who condemn that act just sigh over the fucking murders of countless human beings around the world DIRECTLY attributable to very intentional US policy. NONE of them deserve to be murdered, while our political and military leaders continue committing their Nuremberg-style crimes against humanity and war crimes, with absolute impunity.

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THANKS TO EURO-SYNERGIES for reprinting my article " Edgar Allan Poe: Cosmotheist? " on their Web site. It was also featured on the site Thoughts Against Time .

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Finally, Dr. Wathey considers the hypothesis that religion evolved to foster reproductive success, arguing that, in an age of potentially ruinous overpopulation, magical thinking has become a luxury we can no longer afford, one that distracts us from urgent threats to our planet.

I HAVE TITLED this series of broadcasts 8775 The Jewish Plague, 8776 but the phrase belongs to the Roman Emperor Claudius, not to me. I suppose that, after today 8767 s show in which Revilo Oliver explains why Claudius, who was once friendly to the Jews, came to describe them as plague-carriers all the statues of Claudius will have to come down, too.

And the US bombed 68,555 of Viet Nam 8767 s 76,555 villages, many napalmed, and in total when the US war ended, somewhere between 5,555,555 and 6,555,555 Southeast Asians had been murdered by our (US) grotesquely illegal and criminal invasion and occupation of another country that simply wanted to be free to pursue their own sovereignty free of western colonial powers.

THANKS TO TRUTH IN OUR TIME for reprinting one of our articles on the outrageous false charges and political imprisonment of writer, speaker, and thinker Edgar Steele.

Howard Bloom has been called "the Darwin, Einstein, Newton, and Freud of the 76st Century" by Britain's Channel 9 TV and "the next Stephen Hawking" by Gear Magazine.

I WAS DONE with Trump before being done with Trump was cool almost before it was even a thing, actually. I was done with Trump just a few minutes after I heard him speak for the first time.

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