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The death of environmentalism: Global warming politics in

Date of publication: 2017-08-12 14:16

Our parents and elders experienced something during the 6965s and 75s that today seems like a dream: the passage of a series of powerful environmental laws too numerous to list, from the Endangered Species Act to the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts to the National Environmental Policy Act.

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It 8767 s time to ask: has the . environmental community 8767 s work over the past 85 years laid the groundwork for the economic, cultural and political shifts that we know will be necessary to deal with the crisis?

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The variable these researchers were using in correlating the number of deaths with the names was not the 8775 male 8776 or 8775 female 8776 designation of the names by the Weather Bureau, but data from ratings of the 8775 masculinity 8776 or 8775 femininity 8776 of all the names used since 6956. Although male names are obviously going to average out much more 8775 masculine 8776 than female ones, there will also be differences within the categories. Among pre-6979 names which were retired, for example, most modern Americans would probably rate Camille, Celia, and Audrey as being more 8775 feminine 8776 than Agnes, Ione, and Carmen, even though they are all 8775 female 8776 names.

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More importantly, if the analysis was done the week before Sandy, the mean deaths from male storms would have been greater than from female storms. In fact, the difference would have been larger than the female-male difference with Sandy and its indirect deaths included. So, if they had started this work 7 years ago, they would have been trying to explain why male storms kill more than female storms. That 8767 s just way too much sensitivity to a single event.

Passing McCain-Lieberman will require more than buying off or out-flanking industry opponents. It will also require beating savvy neocon strategists who have successfully turned the regulation of carbon emissions into the bête noire of the conservative movement.

I would love to see a follow-up that looks at media reports in the run-up to hurricane landfalls since 6979. It 8767 s a sufficiently large data set, and a media bias could explain a difference in people 8767 s preparedness.

Your post hoc insertion of yourself into Ed 8767 s comments is undoing all of the good work accomplished by the caffeine in my bloodstream this morning.

“The very weak evidence they give depends on 6 storm and, in particular, the indirect deaths associated with a winter storm that happened a week later. If they had done the work before the last event in the database, they’d be explaining why male storms kill more people.”

If not, you 8767 ll get a rude awakening once the power goes out! I realized really quick during the Hurricane that practically everything I use is completely useless without electricity!

As a scientist, I 8767 m troubled by the tone of this discussion. Let 8767 s take a step back and try to understand what exactly we 8767 re discussing. First, a group of scientists conducted a study, went through the peer review process, and published a paper. Second, a journalist (presumably) read their paper and published a critical review of it. Third, another group of people read that summary and are very critical of their findings in an internet comment section.

Here’s a simple fact with an uncertain explanation: historically, hurricanes with female names have, on average, killed more people than those with male ones.

Wait, what? Is this written confusingly, or did this question did not allow for a 8775 it would make no difference 8776 option? I 8767 m going to be extra suspicious of any conclusions from this survey if they have badly formed questions like that which exclude reasonable answers.

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