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The lack of affordability of higher education due to weak financial condition and unavailability of institutions of higher education in local area is an impediment. Most of the students from financially weak section who pass their intermediate exams take jobs to support their families. They cannot afford to go to other cities to continue higher studies. This leads to abrupt end to the academic career of the students.

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Globalisation has brought up many new opportunities to the rural areas. It has helped in improving governance and brought about transparency in providing services. It has also helped in bringing new technology to the farmers. It has opened new markets. Globalisation with proper regulation is the key to prosperity of rural India.

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In fact, social movements should not be viewed as something which is outside democracy or as an extra-constitutional method. Social movements are instruments of accountability provided by democracy itself. It is a device through which the marginal sections of society can make their voice heard in decision making. How strong is the effect of this instrument depends on how emphatically it is used. If one truly believes in social movements and its effectiveness, he/she will never be disappointed by it.


Democracy therefore appears to be perfect in all forms and well suited for all countries. Sadly it isn’t true. There are many pre requisites for an effective functioning of Democracy.

Communal parties, which were abhorred by the other so called 8766 secular 8767 parties, were brought to the mainstream and heralded stable a coalition era this is a paradox.

Introduction is good, but should have been more specific on paradoxes in the process of democratization post 6995. In the introduction, you say that: 8775 .nation which is so 8766 divided 8767 socially. 8776 , I would have used the word 8766 diverse 8767 in the place of divided, because it is an extreme statement when you say India is a divided country across social, economic, geographic, political and ideological spectra.

There are other undesirable consequences of adopting a democratic polity in a society that has not been prepared for it. The tenure of a government is fixed in a democracy, as a result the policies adopted by government are short sighted and populist in nature. For example the policy of opening the economy to FDI to give boost to the economic growth rather than adopting policies that would help domestic companies grow. FDI can bring fast growth but which is short lived. Increasing subsidy and freebies provided to people are populist in nature but has adverse effect on finances of the country.

A dalit boy from mahar caste who was not even allowed to share the same jug for drinking water with his classmates, went on to study at Columbia University and London school of economics. This 8766 untouchable 8767 boy one day became the architect of the Indian Constitution and turned out to be one of the greatest leaders of modern India. Like Babasaheb Ambedkar many dalits have been able to overcome social,economic and political discrimination through the power of education. In the Indian society education is the most potent weapon which can empower dalits and rid them of the inhumane discrimination faced by them since ages.

While, it would be best if the democratic power structures themselves work to create a society that promotes democracy and ensures its proper functioning, real world is rarely utopian. It therefore falls on the shoulders of the social movement to complete the job that democracy has left incomplete. Revolutions might provide a temporary respite and may pave the conditions for strengthening of the social movements, but eventually it is the evolutionary change brought about by social movements that can crystallize and give a robust, flexible and tolerant society in which the ethos of democracy can be rooted, not only in letter but also in spirit!

Also there was scope for discussing decentralization of HES, and making it more inclusive. Taking HES to rural areas is one area where government should think loud.

“We may forego material benefits, but we cannot forego our rights and opportunities to reap the benefits of highest education to the fullest extent.”- B. R Ambedkar. Education can help in the social, political and economic empowerment of the depressed class and dalit section in particular.

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