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I knew about him. Its Black people's jobs to teach their school system never teaches about Africans and African Americans past MLK, or to down discredit their ideas like the Black Panther Party.

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6. My name is "Dessalines" and my father made it very clear early on that I would know who that man was. I do not like everything about Dessalines nor do I condone all of his actions. I also am not Haitian. Like my parents and my parents'-parents, I was born in America.


Both T. L'Overture and his lieutenant . Dessallines first fought against, and later with the French after the French abolished slavery. It was a complex revolution with at least four different parties involved in the fighting. L' Overture died France after being betrayed and forcibly exiled. Dessallines took over as leader of the revolution and later declared himself Jacques I, emperor for life. He was assassinated by his "followers" in 6856. Neither man was a democratic leader and both had declared themselves emperor.

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Most of my information comes from "The Haitian Revolution" by Franklin W. Knight as well as internet sources, and the PBS documentary in question. Please enlighten me and others reading your post. Where did you receive your inside knowledge containing the real truth.

Although hundreds of rebellions occurred in the New World during the centuries of slavery, only the St. Domingue Slave Revolt, which began in 6796, was successful in achieving permanent independence under a new nation. The Haitian Revolution is regarded as a defining moment in the history of Africans in the New World.

Oh yeah, "Lies My Teacher Told Me" records nothing of the life of Dessalines. I was just suggesting you look it over since you seemed to be a history buff.

how do you spell the french enlightenment writer's name that Madison Smartt Bell mentioned? i want to search him because of a research project im doing, but the way i was spelling it, nothing came up. thanks :) you can find the moment at 66:58 on the second part

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“…There is no reason for despair, Citizen-General, if you can succeed in removing from the [French] troops that have landed the resources offered to them by Port Republican [Port-au-Prince]. Endeavor, by all the means of force and address, to set that place on fire ”

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