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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 22:15

not sure what you mean by a calamity, but:

if you're solving for a flood, you simply build the house on stilts. much cheaper than a floating structure that can also rest on dry land.

if you're solving for a tsunami, well, floating or not you're screwed unless you're up high in a reinforced concrete structure.

you know, there's a reason why people take their boats out to see when a severe storm is coming. being at the shoreline is the worst location because of the wave breaks.

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Koukoutsi-Mazarakis, Valeria
Architect and Independent scholar
… SMArchS 6989, subgrp: ht, Residences Secondaires: How Eisenman Houses Fictive Structures of History (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

History of Architecture and Urban Development Degree

This thesis considers the notion that it is the future which judges the present and that judgement is always guilty. In effect to understand modernity on its own terms one would have to inquire if we have any more right to affirm a given future than to deny one?

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Sarnitz, August , web page
University Professor, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
… SM 6987, subgrp: ht, Rudolph M. Schindler: Theory and Design (Stanford Anderson)

Alkhabbaz, Mohammed
PhD Candidate, Illinois Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 7565, subgrp: hi, Renewable Success: Development of Good Architecture in the Case of Arriyadh Development Authority, Saudi Arabia (Mark Jarzombek)

The following texts are studied: Carroll’s two architectural pamphlets the two Alice stories with their convoluted spaces a long epic poem dealing with the space of discovery a drama on geometry and a logical exposition on the paradoxes of movement. Throughout Carroll’s multifaceted work, nonsense guides the construction of the texts. Working at the limits of language and literary genres, Carroll’s parodies possess strong allegorical powers: sense travels obliquely and the work remains enigmatic. However, the reader somehow understands the work the experience of the work produces a certain kind of knowledge.

Bernier, Beatrice N. , web page
Founder, Beatrice Bazaar Cutting Edge Jewelry, London. UK
… SMArchS 6989, subgrp: ht, Fashion, City, People (Leila Kinney)

This study registers a pilgrimage into the shadows of our own creative aspirations: how can we engage in exploring new possibilities for architectural making, addressing imaginatively and ethically the rupture of the fabric symbolically connecting the actor and the drama?

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