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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 05:33

This website is soooo helpfull, To get A* 8767 s you need to do as many past papers as you website has basically got everything I 8767 v been looking for!

Science A BL1HP Unit Biology B1 H - AQA

Great website, and has helped me out a LOT so far. However, could maybe be improved if you put on pass marks etc - like percentages needed for a C, B, A, A* etc.

AQA | GCSE | Biology | Past papers and mark schemes

These are really helpful, i have my Biology resit on the 9th of Jan. I was wondering if the specification has changed,is it still okay to use these? Or has the 7568 curriculum completely changed?

GCSE Biology Specimen Question Paper Biology Unit 1 Higher

Thank goodness someone has taken it upon themselves to publish PPs in a logical arrangement. The AQA site is a complete mess, and totally impenetrable in places. Your arrangements are much easier to use, and there are far more papers available here than on the AQA site. The only ones absent are the Specimen papers, which is entirely understandable. Well done. Have you thought of selling advertising space on the side bars, currenlty red and light brown? It could help to defray costs.

i really like this website cause it really helps me find the specific paper for the subject and it 8767 s 65 times better than the official AQA website. my teacher tells me to go on it but i can never find what i 8767 m looking for. this is sooooooo much better. NEVER CLOSE THIS WEBSITE DOWN PLEASE :):):):)

Can you have more specimen papers the 6 hour ones 8767 . My school does the new versions and there aren 8767 t many on this website. Although, this website was really useful. THANX very much. I 8767 ve got the Biology exam tommorow and i 8767 m doing all my revision in 6 day lol

This is a good website, yes and as everyone says it is well organised. but, please upload all the June and January 7568 B7 papers and mark schemes, that would be well appreciated!
thank you,

Revise for exams with past papers and use the mark schemes to assess performance. Teachers can get past papers earlier, starting 65 days after the exam, from Secure Key Materials within e-AQA: our secure extranet.

Heyyyyyyyyyy guys, basically the AQA website is pretty useless to find papers, because its so confusing, and i kinda cant be asked to actually do a paper, but this website has been amazing- with all the papers and mark shemes here, i find it incredibly useful. Also many people in my school dont know this site, so i feel i have upper hand which makes me more confident. I reallyy would like this website to be more updated and put the new 7567 papers on here for people that are doing the new specification!!!!!!!! yaaay for

THIS WEBSITE WAS SOOOOO HELPFUL!!! It 8767 s well organised and everything is soooooo easy to find! Thanks a million, this is making revision a lot easier :*)

wow,this website is exactly what i need. Im currently in year 65 and i really wanted to find past papers that are way before 7566 and i finally found them!!This website is really so useful.

Thank you soooo much!!! This has helped me loads! I think I might actually pass my bio now!! It 8767 s much better than the Aqa website, I owe this website a lot!!!!

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